Xchange Scotland is the host of Loesje Scotland - the Scottish office of Loesje International. Loesje is an international network of groups brought together by the power of creativity. Together it forms a writer's collective, an NGO, a poster activist group, an international organisation, a creative network, a contagious idea - many titles, call it what you want.

(named after a Dutch girl) started 25 years ago in Holland, and now has it's HQ in Berlin. There are Loesje groups in over 30 countries around the world, from Cameroon to the US of A.

The groups work collectively on a local and international level using creative methods to raise questions, raise smiles and enable discussions and actions across communities.

Through posters, magazines and other creative projects, the Loesje network brings people together through activities, exhibitions, youth exchanges and summercamps.


If you are interested in being involved in Loesje activities do not hesitate to contact us. And look out for upcoming events below...

Passport Project - Books and Exhibition - Spring 2010

2 years ago, over 1000 Loesje passports were given out across Europe. Through all the different Loesje groups across Europe - from Scotland to Turkey (and further afield) - participants were asked to record in these passports their experiences of border crossings, physical or mental.

The passports, along with photos, drawings and other creative acts were sent to the Loesje HQ in Berlin and edited together to create a book and a travelling exhibition. This book has just been printed and 100s of copies sent to the participating countries.

Loesje’s passport was travelling the world in 2008 and 2023 and during 2010 this exhibition will follow the passport’s footsteps. The exhibition is made to engage people and provoke thoughts about borders, Europe, freedom of speech, global citizenship, creativity and tolerance.

This is a very interactive exhibition - and each place where it is held will contribute and add to the exhibition. You can draw your own borders on the World Map, you can try your luck travelling through Europe, and you can take a new passport picture...

In Spring 2010, the exhibition is touring Scotland - starting off at the Forest Cafe in Edinburgh in March. Keep your eyes peeled! If you are interested in finding out more about the Passport Project exhibit and accompanying workshops, do not hesitate to contact us....

Loesje Scotland at WordUp Blackpool - 2010

Loesje Scotland have been invited down to Blackpool to participate in an international literacies project called WordUp.

We are delighted to be running Loesje workshops to groups in Blackpool over the year, helping set up Loesje in the North of England.

There has been some great creativity coming out of the sessions in Blackpool and we look forward to more over the coming year!

Loesje Passport Project, April 2023

Loesje created 1000 passports and distributed them around the world. The idea was for the passport holders to document, in any way they wish, border-crossings physical or emotional. Writings, photographs and videos are all being submitted to Berlin to be edited into a book and exhibition.

Xchange Scotland has been distributing passports around Scotland - as part of their work as Loesje Scotland - and are sending 2 volunteers to Berlin to help with the editing.

Loesje poster-writing - Sun, 8th March 2023, 2pm

Why keep your right to remain silent? Come along to our Loesje poster-writing workshop. The workshop will be a informal, sociable, creative event hosted in the Merchant City. It will be on at the Glasgow Media Access Centre (GMAC), 3rd Floor of 34 Albion Street, near Trongate. Send us an email if you fancy coming, and feel free to bring a friend or 2 aswell.

For more info please do not hesitate to contact us at

Creative Activism Exchange, Berlin - 20-29th March 2023

Xchange Scotland are pleased to offer 5 places on a Youth Exchange this March on the topic of Creative Activism. The exchange will bring 6 groups from different countries around Europe together for 9 days of creativity in Berlin. The goal of the exchange will be to create content for the 6th edition of magazine. The exchange is open to any 16-28 year olds...

Loesje Youth In Action Exhibition - 6th-7th December 2008

Thanks to all who came to the exhibition to celebrate 1 year of Loesje Scotland and 25 years of Loesje International.

For those unable to make it, there was a celebration of the work made possible by the programme. The event exhibited the work of Loesje Scotland done through Youth In Action projects in posters, magazines and books. It also featured the 25 year history of Loesje.....

Loesje Summer Camp - 19th July-3rd August 2008

This July, Xchange Scotland is pleased to be hosting the annual Loesje Summer Camp.

The Loesje Summer Camp brings together members of from around Europe and further afield. The camp will be a creative and innovative gathering where the programme will be developed organically by the participants at the start of the project.

Loesje poster writing workshop - 15th June 2008

Thank you to all those who attended the poster-writing workshop last Sunday (15th June). We had a really fun and creative afternoon and the work will soon be posted around Glasgow for all to see and enjoy.

The next Loesje activity will be the Summer Camp near Largs.

If you are interested in being involved in the Summer Camp or fancy coming along to one of the poster-writing workshops then do not hesitate to contact us.

Masta Action Day - 19th April 2008

On Saturday 19th April Xchange Scotland ran their first Loesje activity - an action day to create content for the next edition of , a magazine that inspires creative activism. The theme of this edition of Masta was identity. The action was part of our ongoing collaboration with the Dutch NGO Loesje.


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