Get Involved

Being involved in Xchange Scotland opens up a whole range of opportunities. These are available to anyone, whatever your background or experience.

As Xchange Scotland is a new organisation, now is an excellent time to get involved.

Here are 4 of the best reasons:

  • Unique international volunteer opportunities, from 2 weeks to 12 months, in 60+ countries across the globe.
  • Training courses all over Europe on a wide range of topics. Your basic expenses will be covered.
  • Get involved in developing a project yourself, with the support of our experienced members.
  • Become a Board Member and get more involved with the running of the organisation.


Below is our volunteer development path. It looks a bit like a big game of Twister, but it shows the possibilities that are open to you through Xchange Scotland. Details of the opportunites can be seen elsewhere on the website - through the projects pages. If you want to know more get in touch with us and we'll answer any questions you have...


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