Xchange Scotland works in conjunction with locally based partners in Scotland and around the world. As a result, the expense involved in sending and hosting volunteers is kept to an absolute minimum.

We believe that the experience of international volunteering and exchanges should be open to as many people as possible. This is why Xchange Scotland is a charity rather than a business. Whereas businesses are run by shareholders for profit, Xchange Scotland is run by an Executive Committee of volunteers working to achieve our goals. The project contribution you give to us goes entirely to the running and development of the organisation - not into someone else’s pocket.

International Volunteer Projects (IVP)

Typical total costs for a 2-4 week IVP:

  • Project contribution - £200. Please note for projects outside developed countries there may be an additional £50 fee payable to the local partner.
  • Transport to project and travel insurance - approx £100-200 (Europe), £350-£600 (Further afield)
  • Food and Accommodation - FREE


Youth In Action

There are no fees for volunteers who wish to take part in the Youth in Action programme.

This is because the programmme and the actions supported by it are fully funded by the Council for Europe and the European Commission. All project costs, including food and accommodation where applicable, are covered. However, participants are sometimes asked to make a 30% contribution towards international travel costs when involved in a group project such as a Youth Exchange or Youth Intiative. European Voluntary Service volunteers receive funding to cover all of the costs involved, including travel.


Member's Annual Contribution

  • Free until 2011!

For more information see our Membership page.


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