Get Involved

Being actively involved in the organisation, with us supporting you, opens up a whole range of excellent paths for your own career and personal development. Membership is open to anyone, whatever your background or experience.

As Xchange Scotland is a new organisation, now is a very exciting time to get involved as a member. Here are 4 very good reasons for joining. Being a member means:

  • You get to become part of our informal monthly members meetings. These events are fun, social occasions which provide the opportunity for everyone involved in the organisation to get together and have a laugh. Each month we will have a members group meeting or activity. These meetings will also provide the chance to talk about Xchange Scotland and discuss opportunities.
  • You can become involved in developing a project yourself, with the support of our experienced members.
  • You can apply for training opportunities all over Europe on a wide range of topics. Your basic expenses will be covered.
  • You can become a Board Member and get more involved with the running of the organisation.

There is no obligations when you join as a member. It is also open to organisations that share in our ideas and beliefs. We know that voluntary organisations are only as strong and creative as the indivduals that form them and the partners that they work with. If you want to know more get in touch with us and we'll answer any questions you have. Also, we'll let you know about our next members meeting.



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