About Us

What We Do

Xchange Scotland:

  • Sends volunteers from Scotland on exciting and interesting international voluntary projects around the world with local partner organisations - short term (2-4 week) and long-term (2-12 month).
  • Enables local groups and organisations to host similar international voluntary projects in Scotland.
  • Arranges youth exchanges and intiatives for 15-30 year-olds through the European Commission Youth In Action programme.


For more information see our Projects page.

Who We Are

Xchange Scotland is a newly founded voluntary organisation developed by returned Scottish volunteers and others committed to making positive change in society. For the past 5 years, our founding members have been deeply involved in international volunteering with numerous local partners all around the world and active in the EC’s Youth In Action programme (all the photos on this site are from projects we have been recently involved in). Our aim is to open these exciting opportunities to as many individuals and organisations in Scotland as possible.We want to bring as many people to Scotland for international volunteer projects and enable as many young Scots to volunteer abroad as possible

How We Work

Xchange Scotland works through a global network of partner organisations who, like ourselves, send volunteers to other countries and host projects in their own countries. As a result, our volunteers never shoulder the high costs it takes for an organisation to run a project in another country. This way of working also helps to ensure that the projects our volunteers participate in are what the local community really needs.

Crucially, Xchange Scotland is a voluntary organisation rather than a business. Whereas businesses are run by shareholders for profit, Xchange Scotland is run by an Executive Committee of volunteers working to achieve our goals. At the moment we are run entirely by volunteers.

Our Goals

  • Cultural Exchange and International Understanding

    Xchange Scotland aims to promote intercultural understanding and co-operation through international volunteering and exchanges. We are part of an expanding network of organisations and individuals throughout the world who are united by this goal.
  • Development of Young People

    Our focus is fostering the personal development of young people from a diverse range of backgrounds. Whether it is the international volunteers we are hosting in Scotland or the young Scots we are sending to projects around the world, Xchange Scotland aims to equip individuals and organisations with the understanding, skills and access to information, knowledge and training that enables them to meet their ambitions and expand their horizons.
  • Capacity Building

    Alongside expanding the horizons of young people, Xchange Scotland aims to open up a whole range of exciting opportunities to Scottish organisations and local community groups - rural and urban. Through successful partnerships everyone achieves more.
  • Sustainable Projects

    Every Xchange Scotland volunteer always works in partnership with established locally-based partner organisations. The projects we are involved in are often through partnerships and networks that have been developed over many years. We support the development of new and innovative ideas through well-established methods. We aim to build up long-term partnerships with organisations and individuals, developing our projects in-line with existing efforts to bring lasting positive change.


  1. VINE UK

    Xchange Scotland is a member of VINE UK. This is an alliance of the organisations within the UK who are involved in hosting and sending volunteers on International Volunteer Projects.

  2. Alliance of European Voluntary Organisations

    We are currently a partner organisation of the Alliance of European Voluntary Organisations and CCIVS - part of UNESCO.

    Both of these networks have an amazing history going back many decades.

  3. Loesje

    Loesje are a Dutch cultural NGO that specialize in creative activism. They are based in Holland, have an international office in Berlin and have branches and affliated organisations in several countries across Europe. We are one of these affiliated organisations and the location for the only Loesje branch in the UK.

Get Involved

Membership is open to anyone, whatever your background or experience. Being actively involved in the organisation, with us supporting you, opens up a whole range of excellent paths for your own career and personal development.

As Xchange Scotland is a new organisation, now is a very exciting time to get involved as a member. Here are 4 very good reasons for joining. Being a member means:

  • You get to become part of our informal monthly members meetings. These events are fun, social occasions which provide the opportunity for everyone involved in the organisation to get together and have a laugh. Each month we will have a members group meeting or activity. These meetings will also provide the chance to talk about Xchange Scotland and discuss opportunities.
  • You can become involved in developing a project yourself, with the support of our experienced members.
  • You can apply for training opportunities all over Europe on a wide range of topics. Your basic expenses will be covered.
  • You can become a Board Member and get more involved with the running of the organisation.

» For more information see our Membership page.



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